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SLBMI Forensic Evaluation Division

Expert Testimony.  Trial Consultation.  Evaluation and Psychological Testing.

Attorneys: Are your cases as strong as you believe they can be? You're a criminal, civil, or family law attorney who wants to be sure your clients have all the best tools, support, and information available for their case, but you're not always sure if psychology can help?

You may be able to strengthen your cases using the strong experts within the SLBMI Forensic Evaluation Division and:

  • Get relevant and comprehensive psychological evaluations that can help build your case...
  • Receive the regular, timely communication you want from an expert...
  • Know that we only use up-to-date and well-researched test instruments that are directly applicable to legal standards...
  • Have jargon-free reports that make sense and are easy-to-understand for juries...
  • Be assured you have experts that stand firm on their psychological opinions and are credible and convincing in the courtroom...
  • Know your expert can help with trial strategy...

Delivering quality forensic / expert witness services ...

With 31 years of experience in a variety of forensic cases, superior presentation skills, and commitment to ethical business practices, the SLBMI Forensic Evaluation Division is well qualified to psychologically evaluate your clients and opposing experts, and, if necessary, deliver an expert opinion in a courtroom environment.

...comprehensively and concisely ...

SLBMI Forensic Evaluation Division's experienced staff have been extensively trained to present to judges and juries, enabling them to translate complex psychological data and conclusions into clear and easy-to-understand concepts. matter what your case involves.

We are often called upon by legal professionals, insurance companies, and governmental agencies to provide services for cases involving criminal, personal injury, and other civil matters.

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Contact Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute at 314-534-0200 ext. 407 or toll free at 877-245-2688.


Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute
Forensic Evaluation Division: Expert Testimony, Trial Consultation, Evaluations & Psychological Testing